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Our programmes have included “The Scandinavian Connection” and “Music from the Royal Courts of Poland”. These include works by 17th and 18th Century composers such as Buxtehdue, Agrell, Roman, Per Brant, Johnsen, Zelenka, Telemann, Merula and Chelleri.

At the moment, Kirsten is taking a well-earned sabbatical in South America, so our programmes are exploring the repertoire for recorder and gamba. As well as the more usual treble recorder / bass viol combination, there are some wonderful possibilities incorporating the treble viol, and the voice flute.

Current repertoire includes Telemann sonatas for recorder and treble viol, and the Bach G major sonata for two flutes, which Bach himself turned into the well known sonata for gamba and obbligato harpsichord - we've taken a leaf out of Bach's book and are playing the original trio sonata on voice flute and gamba.

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